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Friday, 8 March 2019

MHADA Lottery Online Application 2019 - Apply Now MHADA Lottery



MHADA, or Maharashtra Housing and Development Authority is an organisation conducted by the Government of Maharashtra since 1977. This programme has greatly helped people who wish to own a house in the state of Maharashtra but have it not. It has proved to be a boon to the Maharashtrians as well as the immigrants who seek a home to dwell in. Every year MHADA conducts and administers a lottery whose winners are bestowed houses in good areas and under the maintenance of MHADA under an affordable price. MHADA has almost constructed 30,000 housing units in Mumbai itself.

MHADA Lottery Application 2019

Most of the information concerned is present at the official website of MHADA about the lottery. Go to for the application and here’s why you should go for it online.

The successful application for MHADA Lottery 2017 is followed by these three basic steps-

  • 1.       Register Online-

Standing in queues for getting the form will be cumbersome as well as time taking. It’s better to register online on the site by sufficing the asked information and creating a Username to earn oneself an initial identity.

  • 2.       Apply Online

On you get yourself registered on the site, move on to the application that involves the selection of the lottery and its schemes. Application online will be helpful as there is less paperwork involved and all the data is secured online itself and will take lesser time. However, do get a print of the acknowledgement paper therein as it would come in handy.

  • 3.     Pay Online-

This is the last stage of the application for MHADA lottery and you must deposit a demanded              draft in order to finalise the application. The payment online is absolutely trust-worthy and the website is fully secured for the transaction and submission of money to and fro the bank accounts safely and headlong.

By these three simple steps you are ready-to-go for the application to stand as a participant and potential winner of this MHADA Lottery. Depending on online application will prove to be fruitful and less energy draining for anyone wishing to apply. 

The results will also be out on the official website and one could easily log onto it and find. Good luck applying!

MHADA Online Application 2019 Eligibility Results 2019

MHADA ONLINE APPLICATION forms are open to apply housing schemes at cheap cost for various board differently.  There are 8 Boards of MHADA in Maharashtra and MHADA can open new housing schemes such as flats, plots through a lottery system.  A new lot of MHADA housing schemes at low cost open in 2016 year and many applicants applied for the same.   New Lot of more than 5000+ is expected in 2017 year or even 2019 also as MHADA is offering low or cheap cost flat, plots, housing schemes since 2011 year.

Apply 2019 MHADA Online Application & Check 2019 Results Online

The application mode is Online only i.e. if any one who is expected to apply MHADA lottery schemes must go with the online application and hence no other medium or offline mode is available.  All the process is online throughout with transparency and results also declare online through lottery unique system to select the winners.   The old results also available on the official portal of MHADA lottery website.   2017 online applications information available as soon as MHADA announce it officially on the Government of Maharashtra website of MHADA.

In this article, we have provided the basic applicant eligibility to apply MHADA Flat/Plot schemes.

MHADA Lottery Eligibility Of MHADA Lottery Applicant : 

MHADA Lottery brings happiness for those who do not have their own homes or cannot buy a home. So getting more chance of getting your own homes under MHADA, one step could be filling the application correctly.

Before applying for the MHADA Lottery one should know the eligibility for applying MHADA Lottery. Many applications can be rejected due to less knowledge on the eligibility criteria for MHADA Lottery.

MHADA Housing Lottery Online Application Eligibility 2019

So here I am going to give you proper guidance for applying MHADA Lottery.

1. The candidate who is going to apply for MHADA Lottery should be 18 Year of age.(Do not fill the application in the name of children’s who are below 18.)
2. All the information filled should be correct like applicant name, phone number,  email. (As all the communication and verification is done on the basis of the name, email or phone number.)
3. Your Pan card number should be correct and the applicant must enter their pan card in the application.
4. You must provide the personal saving account no in the application for refund. You should not provide any others account number. If you will provide others account number this type of application will be rejected.
5. You should not enter account no which is Joint/NRI/Current account.
6. The applicant or any of their family members (children’s/spouse/spouse children’s) should not have any land or house in their name with concern with MHADA.
7. Applicant should have a continuous stay of 15 years in Maharashtra State for which the applicants have to submit the Domicile Certificate which will prove their stay in the state in past 20 years.
8. Applicants also have to show their income proof. (If applicant is married and both husband and wives are working they can show the income proof of both). Income proof should have Basic + D.A +City Allowance +Bonus. The income proof shall exclude allowances like medical, transport, washing allowance.
9. Applicants must have Aadhar Card which they will need to submit during possession of flat.
10. Trusted person/ registered trust can fill the application on behalf of mentally retarded and mentally ill people. This application can be filled under physically handicapped category. For this type of application, the trusted person / registered trust income will be taken into consideration. So they need to fill their income proof.
11. There are certain categories for filling the application which the candidate should follow during filling the application.
12. Application with wrong category and wrong information will be rejected.
13. An application which filled up under multiple categories will be rejected.
14. To know more about the eligibility criteria you can visit the lottery site where booklet is available, which describes regarding each category.

MHADA Housing Society Lottery Schemes MHADA 2019-2020

MHADA is abbreviation of Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority. This Organization was constituted under the MHADA Act 1976, and was established  in the year 1977 under the Housing Department Government of the state Maharashtra. It is a unit of Government of Maharashtra and its head office is located at Bandra, Mumbai. Its primary work is construction of houses and thereof its selling. It is a sole provider of low cost HOME in cities especially Mumbai. Its main construction took place in urban and semi-urban areas that is only the city areas. That means they don’t do construction in rural village areas. As of date the total construction in Mumbai city by MHADA is approx 30,000 housing units.

What is Mhada & Mhada Lottery- MHADA Housing Society Lottery System

Details regarding MHADA can be gathered through its official website,  is the official website of MHADA Lottery.  Please login official website to know about MHAADA.  The logo of website is given below.

The main purpose of MHADA is to construct and sell of houses to low and middle class income group people. As it is very fact that having own home in the city like Mumbai is a very big matter and especially for low income group people. It’s been like a dream which hardly get possible without the positive and active intervention of MHADA. The allotment of flat and houses are made by the lottery system. Since the date of establishment (1977) of Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority i.e. MHADA, it has offered several housing services to the citizens of state Maharashtra. This organization is mainly handled by the Maharashtra state Government. The organization constructs its houses such a way that it can be sold at cheap and affordable prices to the low and middle income group people. There is no doubt that MHADA is doing best in its work.

What is MHADA Housing Society Lottery

The flats constructed by the MHADA are primarily for the low and middle income group people in Maharashtra. These flats are been offered to the citizen of Maharashtra by the MHADA Housing Society Lottery system. This lottery system is arranged every year. These flats are found in Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) and also in Konkan region. Lots of application forms are received by people of middle income group when lottery is announced by the MHADA. High income group people cannot participate in this lottery event. Interested person can apply for the lottery by going through the official website of Also the result can be checked in the website once it comes out.

At the beginning time when MHADA lottery system was introduced around lakhs of people applied for the lottery. Year by year the number of participants are decreasing. At the current era the number of participant is decreased from lakh to thousand. The reason behind this may be the delay of ownership transfer process. But Government has taken initiative to resolve this problem so that one who wins in the MHADA lottery can get quick and hassle free ownership transfer.

The reason behind the popularity of MHADA flats is that, with comparison to other estate holders the rates of MHADA flats are cheaper than the open market flats. So people are getting attracted towards it and willing to participate in the MHADA lottery. Moreover people rely on MHADA flats because only this organization can give guarantee of clearance for the land.

MHADA Pune Board Lottery 2019 Online Application Results 2019

You're looking for MHADA Board Lottery of Flats and so you have visited this website, right!!!
So, are you planning to apply MHADA Lottery schemes held during 2016-2017 year as MHADA is planned to offer cheap cost or reasonable cost or low cost flats, plots in different boards of the MHADA.  There are more than 5000 flats & plots are to be open for online application during 2016 and 2017 year.

So, even if you have applied last time but unfortunately, you have not won the luckiest flats at cheap cost through lottery scheme, this time are you ready to apply MHADA Mumbai,  M.B.R.& R., Kokan Board, MSIB, Pune, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Nashik, Amravati Board or any other board which come under MHADA with new schemes opening in upcoming years.


(This is Official Logo of MHADA Website owned by MHADA Company & We have used for information purpose only.   The logo is owned by MHADA and we used for reference purpose only.  When you fill the forms, please login to official website of MHADA only to avoid misuse of your personal information.  For details visit - )

Now, let us come to the point of which latest openings of MHADA Lottery this year which you can apply online for luckiest flat through lottery.   

Online applications are invited for MHADA Flat Lottery for the number of 2503 flats and 67 plots in Pune district from MHADA. Eligible applications can search necessary requirement to apply the MHADA Flat Lottery 2016 Pune

MHADA Flat Pune Lottery 2017 Online Application Dates

MHADA Lottery application are open for Pune Zone in 2016 year for the allotment of 2503 flats, 67 plots in Pune district.   The Online application forms are invited from the eligible applicant.  The Online application process is open from 05 September 2016 to October 2016.

If you want to apply online for MHADA flat lottery, then read the articles information given on the official website @ where the information is given in Marathi as well as in English language.

MHADA Lottery 2016 is for Pune Board in which there are cheapest rates 2570 total flats & plots in Pimpri, Tal-Khed, Wanowari, Shivaji Nagar, Solapur, Purandar & Phaltan Satara.   The eligible candidates who want to apply cheap or reasonable cost flats or plots can fill up the online application form when registration process is open from 05 September 2016 to 05 October 2016 for a full month to apply online form of Pune Mhada Flat lottery scheme.

MHADA September 2019 - October 2019 Pune Board MHADA Lottery Scheme Flats Area 

If you want to apply and want to check your good luck whether you can win this time Pune Board zone lottery which is open for following area.   There are about 38 different schemes of MHADA for lottery open for the application invitation from the applicants who are eligible to apply.

You can click on the given area links and know about Scheme Code, Scheme Name, Income Group, Allowed Categories, Total Tenements / Plots, Builtup Area / Plot Area, Carpet Area and all the relevant information is available on the website.

  • 109 - WANOWARI, LIG
  • 113-A - SPA1, SOLAPUR, MIG1
  • 113-B - SPA1, SOLAPUR, MIG1
  • 114-A - SPA1, SOLAPUR, MIG2
  • 114-B - SPA1, SOLAPUR, MIG2
  • 115 - SPA1, SOLAPUR, MIG3
  • 116 - SPA1, SOLAPUR, MIG4
  • 117 - SPA1, SOLAPUR, MIG5
  • 118 - SPA1, SOLAPUR, HIG1
  • 119 - SPA1, SOLAPUR, HIG2

How To Apply MHADA Lottery 2019 Eligibility And Proceeds

The information about MHADA Lottery 2017 such as how to apply MHADA lottery, what is eligibility criteria, number of flats & plots in details, what is registration method, online form, what is payment method, what is the minimum financial gain criteria and all the regarding MHADA lottery application process till results is available on official website portal of MHADA which is OR

You can also find relevant articles online for that just go to Google and type MHADA Lottery 2016 Pune Board Flat Plot Schemes.

The upcoming MHADA Lottery of Flats in different Board of MHADA available on the official website and the same information can be available as soon as new MHADA Lottery schemes is open the same details posts can be view online at the official ports.  

List of MHADA Boards & Address, Contact Details

Every year MHADA open new applications for different boards and thus here we have provided a list of MHADA Boards with the Address and contact details, so you may reach to the official to collect necessary information such as brochures and needy information by contacting respective officers.

There are total 8 Boards are under MHADA which are given below addresses.

1.     Mumbai
           Grihanirman Bhavan Kalanagar, Bandra (East) , Mumbai 400051.
STD Code No. 022, Fax No.26592058, Telephone No. 26592877 / 2622. 
2.     M.B.R.& R. Board
Grihanirman Bhavan Kalanagar, Bandra (East) , Mumbai 400051.
STD Code No. 022, Fax No. 26592058. 
3.     MSIB
4.     Pune
Agarkar Nagar, Behind Alankar Cinema, Pune 411001
STD Code No. 020, Fax No. 26123614. 
5.     Aurangabad
Grihanirman Bhavan, Next To Mahaveer Piller,
Aurangabad 443001.
STD Code No. 0240, Fax No. 2564939 
6.     Nagpur
Grihanirman Bhavan, Civil Line Temple Road,
Nagpur 440001.
STD Code No. 0712, Fax No. 2564939. 
7.     Nashik
Grihanirman Bhavan, Ram Ganesh Gadkari Chowk, Old Mumbai - Agra Road,
Opp. Rajaswa Bhavan Nashik 422002.
STD Code No. 0253, Fax No. 2317633. 
8.     Amaravati
Grihanirman Bhavan, Tope Nagar, Ghaltakadi Road,
Amravati 444602.
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