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Saturday, 6 May 2017

MHADA Housing Society Lottery Schemes MHADA 2017-2018

MHADA is abbreviation of Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority. This Organization was constituted under the MHADA Act 1976, and was established  in the year 1977 under the Housing Department Government of the state Maharashtra. It is a unit of Government of Maharashtra and its head office is located at Bandra, Mumbai. Its primary work is construction of houses and thereof its selling. It is a sole provider of low cost HOME in cities especially Mumbai. Its main construction took place in urban and semi-urban areas that is only the city areas. That means they don’t do construction in rural village areas. As of date the total construction in Mumbai city by MHADA is approx 30,000 housing units.

What is Mhada & Mhada Lottery- MHADA Housing Society Lottery System

Details regarding MHADA can be gathered through its official website,  is the official website of MHADA Lottery.  Please login official website to know about MHAADA.  The logo of website is given below.

The main purpose of MHADA is to construct and sell of houses to low and middle class income group people. As it is very fact that having own home in the city like Mumbai is a very big matter and especially for low income group people. It’s been like a dream which hardly get possible without the positive and active intervention of MHADA. The allotment of flat and houses are made by the lottery system. Since the date of establishment (1977) of Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority i.e. MHADA, it has offered several housing services to the citizens of state Maharashtra. This organization is mainly handled by the Maharashtra state Government. The organization constructs its houses such a way that it can be sold at cheap and affordable prices to the low and middle income group people. There is no doubt that MHADA is doing best in its work.

What is MHADA Housing Society Lottery

The flats constructed by the MHADA are primarily for the low and middle income group people in Maharashtra. These flats are been offered to the citizen of Maharashtra by the MHADA Housing Society Lottery system. This lottery system is arranged every year. These flats are found in Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) and also in Konkan region. Lots of application forms are received by people of middle income group when lottery is announced by the MHADA. High income group people cannot participate in this lottery event. Interested person can apply for the lottery by going through the official website of Also the result can be checked in the website once it comes out.

At the beginning time when MHADA lottery system was introduced around lakhs of people applied for the lottery. Year by year the number of participants are decreasing. At the current era the number of participant is decreased from lakh to thousand. The reason behind this may be the delay of ownership transfer process. But Government has taken initiative to resolve this problem so that one who wins in the MHADA lottery can get quick and hassle free ownership transfer.

The reason behind the popularity of MHADA flats is that, with comparison to other estate holders the rates of MHADA flats are cheaper than the open market flats. So people are getting attracted towards it and willing to participate in the MHADA lottery. Moreover people rely on MHADA flats because only this organization can give guarantee of clearance for the land.

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