Mhada Lottery 2014

MHADA Annual Lottery 2014 for Housing Scheme would offer flats to residents of the State of Maharashtra at rates that are much more affordable than that of those sold by private parties. The flats are located in and around the city of Mumbai and also in the Konkan regions.

  • Important Dates Associated with MHADA Annual Lottery 2014 for Housing Scheme:

The application forms would be available online via the MHADA website from April 15, 2014. Those who are unable to access online information may visit the administrative office premises for assistance. The filled in application forms would be accepted via the website and also at the office premises between April 24 and May 16, 2014, after which MHADA would conduct the verification process. Only valid forms would be eligible for the lottery. The lottery would be conducted on May 31, 2014. The results would again be made available in the official website, and can also be obtained from the administrative offices.

  • Eligibility Criteria:
  • Applicants must be 18 yrs of age or above.
  • The applicant or her/ his spouse should not be an owner of property (house/ flat/ plot of land) or should not be a member of any cooperative society in the Mumbai municipal area.
  • The applicant must be a residence of the State of Maharashtra with a mandatory Domicile certificate that proves that she/ he has resided in Maharashtra for at least 15 years continuously in the last 20 years. However, applicants who shall apply under reserved category are exempted from this rule.

  • The reservations are there for the following categories –
Categories Percentage
1) a) Scheduled Caste and Neo-buddhist
b) Scheduled Tribes
c) Nomadic Tribes
d) De-notified Tribes
1 ½  %
1 ½  %
2) Journalist 2.5%
3) Freedom Fighter 2.5.%
4) Handicapped/seriously ill, in desperate need of a house 2%
5) Those employees or the next of kin of those employees of Defence or BSF who have been killed or disabled or declared missing in  indo-china war of 1962 or indo-pak war of 1965 or 1971 and the relatives of those personnel disabled in these war or                                     2%
6) Ex-servicemen and their dependents 5%
7)All sitting and ex-members of parliament, State Legislative assembly, legislative council 2%
8)Mhada employees 2%
9) State government employees, and employees of all statutory bords, Authorities and corporation etc.
(excluding MHADA) under the state government including those who have already retired.
10) Central govt employees occupying staff quarters and due or retirement within three years or those who have already retired 2%
11) Artists in films, television, stage-drama, tamasha and radio and also those engaged in performing arts
including painters , sculptors, craftsmen, musician (both vocal and instrumental ) dancers , poets kawwals or mimics.
12) Government desires 2%
Total 49%
General Public 51%
  • The applicants can be classified under the following categories as per income (Basic pay + Dearness Allowance or DA + Bonus) and can apply only for flats in the specified category.

    • Economically Weaker section(EWS) – upto Rs. 16,000/-
    • Lower Income Group (LIG) – Rs. 16,001 to Rs.40,000/-
    • Middle Income Group (MIG) – Rs. 40,001/- to Rs, 70,000/-
    • Higher Income Group (HIG) Rs. 70,001/- and above.
  • An applicant should not submit more than one application in the reservation category with the same code number. If done, those applications would be rejected.
  • Checklist Before You Apply:
  • The applicant must read the terms and conditions provided in the 2014 MHADA lottery housing scheme booklet, and also follow the guidelines provided therein.
  • The Applicant must have a valid Savings Bank account. One cannot use an account issued in anyone else’s name. NRI accounts, Joint accounts or Current account holders will not be considered eligible.
  • The applicant must be prepared to pay the Maintenance fees and Taxes (like Civic Tax, Water Tax, Property Tax, etc) along with the price of the flat.
  • The applicant must preserve all the receipts of any payments made related to the flat, for she/ he may be asked to furnish them during the possession of the flat.
  • The applicants should have the following documents ready –
      • An official Domicile Certificate that proves the person to be a resident of the State of Maharashtra. The person should have stayed continuously in the State of Maharashtra for a minimum of 15 years in the last 20 years.
      • A document to prove income. An affidavit may be required to declare income other than from employment.
      • Proof of identity like PAN card or Adhaar UID.
      • One may also be asked to submit copies of birth certificate, voter identification card, school leaving certificate, etc. as proof of age.
      • In case of application in Reserved Category, proof thereof should also be furnished.
  • Fees Associated With The Application:

An applicant is required to pay an amount of Rs. 100.

  • How To Apply:

An applicant can submit the application either online or at the administrative office premises. If one submits application online via the MHADA official website, an acknowledgement slip would be generated that would have in print the total amount that has to be paid along with the application. This would be the EMD and the processing fee for the application combined. A Demand Draft (DD) then has to be drawn of this amount. Now mention the DD number, name of the Bank, Date etc on the printed copy of the acknowledgment slip that was generated. A photograph of the applicant has to be pasted too. This completed acknowledgment slip then as to be submitted along with the DD to one of the designated banks as declared by MHADA in their website. At the bank the applicant is required also to submit self attested copies of PAN Card and Address Proof. The applicant should remember to collect the duly stamped copy of this acknowledgement slip for this would act as the valid proof of submission of application, and may be required later. This slip should be kept in safe custody.

  • After Lottery Is Drawn:

After lottery results are declared, the winners are sent letters which contain instructions to be followed. The results are available for viewing online at the MHADA website and are also available at the administrative office.

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