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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

MHADA Lottery Online Application 2017 - Apply Now MHADA Lottery



MHADA, or Maharashtra Housing and Development Authority is an organisation conducted by the Government of Maharashtra since 1977. This programme has greatly helped people who wish to own a house in the state of Maharashtra but have it not. It has proved to be a boon to the Maharashtrians as well as the immigrants who seek a home to dwell in. Every year MHADA conducts and administers a lottery whose winners are bestowed houses in good areas and under the maintenance of MHADA under an affordable price. MHADA has almost constructed 30,000 housing units in Mumbai itself.

MHADA Lottery Application 2018

Most of the information concerned is present at the official website of MHADA about the lottery. Go to for the application and here’s why you should go for it online.

The successful application for MHADA Lottery 2017 is followed by these three basic steps-

  • 1.       Register Online-

Standing in queues for getting the form will be cumbersome as well as time taking. It’s better to register online on the site by sufficing the asked information and creating a Username to earn oneself an initial identity.

  • 2.       Apply Online

On you get yourself registered on the site, move on to the application that involves the selection of the lottery and its schemes. Application online will be helpful as there is less paperwork involved and all the data is secured online itself and will take lesser time. However, do get a print of the acknowledgement paper therein as it would come in handy.

  • 3.     Pay Online-

This is the last stage of the application for MHADA lottery and you must deposit a demanded              draft in order to finalise the application. The payment online is absolutely trust-worthy and the website is fully secured for the transaction and submission of money to and fro the bank accounts safely and headlong.

By these three simple steps you are ready-to-go for the application to stand as a participant and potential winner of this MHADA Lottery. Depending on online application will prove to be fruitful and less energy draining for anyone wishing to apply. 

The results will also be out on the official website and one could easily log onto it and find. Good luck applying!

How to Apply For MHADA Lottery 2018 - Online Application Process Payment Submission

MHADA is a government organization that construct and sells houses in the state Maharashtra. MHADA or Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority was established in the year 1977. It’s headquarter is located in Bandra, Mumbai. As of date it has constructed 30,000 housing units. These houses are mainly for low and middle income group people of Mumbai, Pune and Konkan region. The people of Mumbai couldn’t dream of having own house in the city like Mumbai without active intervention of MHADA. Under “Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna” every citizen of state Maharashtra will get own house till 2022.

These flats or plots are allotted to the citizens by lottery process. Every year lottery is held by MHADA for different cities of Maharashtra at different time. Those who are needy of home can apply for these open lottery scheme. On the basis of lottery result the houses or plots are being distributed among the winners. People of Maharashtra wait for these lotteries enthusiastically. This year 2016 already three lotteries being held. The third one is still in ongoing process. The next upcoming lottery will be held most probably in the month of March 2017.

How to Apply For MHADA Lottery 2018

Under the MHADA lottery scheme houses are allotted to needy people of Maharshtra. Under this scheme 320 square meter houses are offered to the lottery winners of MHADA. As of date about 75,000 application forms are received by MHADA lottery. In order to manage all these applications , MHADA Lottery 2017 is going to be held in the month of March for 10,000 houses. Under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna, Maharashtra Government gave the responsibility to MHADA to construct the houses so that by 2022 everyone in Maharashtra will have their own house. In order to implement this project Maharashtra Government gave eleven lakh to construct house to achieve this target. Every year this lottery is held. These housings are specially for the LIG and MIG group. High Income Group (HIG) people cannot take benefits of it.

Steps To Apply for MHADA 2018

  • Online/Offline Application – You can apply either online or offline to MHADA lottery 20178. If you go by the offline process then we must say it is very lengthy and hectic. For that you have to reach MHADA office to collect lottery application form. Then need to fill all the information in it and after that need to submit it by standing in a long queue.
  • If you go by the online process then it will be very suitable for you to apply for the lottery as per your suitability. Like you can apply for the MHADA lottery sitting at home at any point of time you are free. Also you can submit your application form online.
  • Payment Submission – You can pay your registration fee either online or offline. If you want to pay online then you have to pay it by your debit or credit card. Or if you want to pay your application fee offline then you have to submit Demand Draft in Bank.
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